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Issue 54 October 2017

Issue 54 October 2017

16th October 2017

This year Hampshire Fire Station celebrated five different faiths in a move which united their diverse community. The station works hard to build good relationships with the public and are passionate and proactive about inclusivity. Watch Manager Tim Harrison, who helped organise the celebrations, said: “These events are great opportunities to really reach out to residents. It has given us the chance to show that our job is not just about fighting fires - being at the heart of the community is what we are all about.” 

It is evident to me that this is how many of you feel about your jobs, every issue we read about the bravery and kindness of firefighters and the fantastic job you are all doing protecting and educating communities.

This issue alone you’ve been teaching lifesaving skills as part of restart a heart day, delivering convoys of equipment to Romania and dressing in tutu’s to raise money for cancer research! Of course you’ve also been fighting fires on the side! (honestly where do you find the time though?) After all your hard work this year (and the work yet to come) I sincerely hope you find some time to relax with your loved ones over the holidays. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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10/07/2017 | Issue 53 - July 2017

Issue 53 - July 2017

Here at The Burning Issue we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire. Our thoughts go out to the families and friends of the victims and the first responders on scene.

In response to this devastating incident London Fire Brigade have launched a vital campaign calling for the safety of whitegoods, this means tighter safety laws for manufacturers.

There is no single, government supported re-call register that currently exists. Instead consumers must either check individual manufacturer's websites or use a voluntary service, such as the Electrical Safety First recall register .

London Fire Brigade want any product under recall anywhere in the world, which is also sold in the UK, to be included on the UK recall register.

At the moment, if a product is recalled due to a fault in another country, and you own exactly same model in the UK, the manufacturers don't have to send out a recall notice in the UK.

Please join the campaign online at it doesn’t take long to register and save lives.

10/04/2017 | Issue 52 - April 2017

Issue 52 - April 2017

This issue is all about animal rescue and the innovative methods used by brigades all over the country.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Animal Rescue Manager Jim Green, helped develop ground-breaking techniques that saved the lives of thousands of animals and won the team an international reputation.

Cambridgeshire have been training firefighters how to use oxygen masks for pets, thanks to the charity ‘Smoky Paws’ and South Yorkshire fire service helped the oldest Polar bear in the country.

We also have a very interesting feature about a Hampshire firefighter who had no idea when he booked a romantic trip with his girlfriend that he would be embarking on a long-term relationship of a different kind.

As always, you lot have been up to some very interesting things in the name of charity; a mission to Nepal to deliver vital training, a fireman’s lift over hot coals and a firefighter who has completed twenty marathons in one year!

All this and our usual round up of News, Technology and Work Moves!

09/01/2017 | Issue 51 - January 2017

Issue 51 - January 2017

Welcome to the first edition of 2017! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

In this issue, Hampshire’s fire chief has been put through his paces with an immersive scenario that featured terrorist attacks, derailed trains, multiple fatalities and hundreds of people unaccounted for.

As well as the train explosion the exercise also included attacks at East Cowes and Plymouth where festivals were being staged and thousands looked set to be stranded.

Cleveland Fire Brigade have returned from Zimbabwe where they ran courses and demonstrations on firefighting, incident command, road traffic accidents, breathing apparatus and fire safety.

We have the fascinating story of George Arthur Roberts, one of the first black men to serve in the British Army and in the London Fire Brigade. He was honoured by the Fire Brigade in a blue plaque ceremony in September.

Firefighters all over the country have been up to some very creative things for charity.

Stockport firefighters completed an 8,848 metre ladder climb, the equivalent in height to Mount Everest! West Midlands Fire and the Midlands Air Ambulance crew ran (in full kit) for a total of 25 hours between them.

All of this plus our usual round up of news, technology and work moves.

10/10/2016 | Issue 50 - October 2016

Issue 50 - October 2016

Welcome to Octobers edition of The Burning Issue.

Kent Fire and Rescue staged the rescue exercise ‘Night Train’ bringing together the South East Coast Ambulance Service’s Hazardous Area Response Team (SECAmb’s HART), the British Red Cross and the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) in a scenario where a four carriage train packed with commuters had collided with a car. 

You can read the full coverage on pages 10 and 11.

We also have the fascinating life story of Oliver John Thomas, courtesy of Graham Jansen who emailed me the fateful tale of how he unearthed the London Firefighters forgotten story along with all of his research. 
Two of Hampshire’s finest firefighters are featured for two very inspirational stories.
Katie Cornhill, an ex-marine and current firefighter shares the story of her transition and experiences in the fire service as well as her work as a transgender equality champion.

Firefighter Charlie Quinn who boxes in the light heavyweight division is turning pro, thanks to a few words of encouragement from a boxing legend; read his story on page 14.

We also have our usual round up of News, Technology and Charity for you to enjoy!

11/07/2016 | Issue 49 - July 2016

Issue 49 - July 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of The Burning Issue, where Hampshire are pioneering a new approach to firefighting in the UK. 

The SAVE strategy, which stands for ‘scan, attack, ventilate, enter’ is a new approach overseen by Assistant Chief Officer Andy Bower which includes greater use of state of the art thermal imaging camera’s to locate and assess a fire before entering the building. This new strategy will revolutionise the way Hampshire work and they are hoping this new approach will be adopted by other counties.

You can read the in depth explanation about SAVE by Hampshire Fire and Rescue service on pages 24-25.
Hampshire have also been busy, receiving visitors from the USA. A team of firefighters from Oregon arrived to learn some new techniques and study the services approach to wildfires and major incidents. Their visit follows Hampshire’s trip to Oregon last year where they were a part of the team that battled a 75,000 acre wildfire, the largest burning in the country at the time.

Two Taunton Firefighters have received nominations for the British Heart Foundation Heart Hero Awards. Phil Musgrove and Richard Flavin have trained over 2,659 members of the public on how to administer CPR and the effective use of a public access AED. 

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Date: 24th January 2018

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