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The first edition of The Burning Issue was produced in 2003. The magazine then, as now, is dedicated to the UK's Fire and Rescue Service and has since grown to become one of the industry's leading magazines distributed to all UK Fire and Rescue Service divisions.

The reason behind our success has been our determination to stay true to our original vision, which was to produce a wholly independent and informative magazine designed to raise awareness and enhance communication between the UK Fire services.

The purpose of the magazine remains the same, we seek to inform educate and create awareness of the key campaigns and initiatives of the Fire Service throughout the year. The magazine and its online counterpart provides a forum to communicate news, views and best practice information which can be shared with Fire Service colleagues throughout the UK.

Also thanks to our website, you can now access our regularly updated news at your convenience.

Supporting firefighters and associated charities

As we work closely with many fire-related partner organisations and charities including, among others, Fire Kills, The Children's Fire and Burns Trust, Fire Brigade's Union and the Fire Fighters Charity.

We also welcome comments, ideas and views from all employees of the Fire and Rescue Service. If you have a story idea or suggestion that you would like to share with your colleagues, please complete our online contact form or call us now on 01244 624022.

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Date: 18th November 2019

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